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Strategy Re-alignment
Digital Transformation
Crisis Management

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Restructuring of Orga & Processes
Marketing & Sales Activation
M&A Guidance

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Corporate & Brand Positioning
Go-to-Market Strategy
Customer Journey Optimization


Since 2003 FHC acts as Trusted Advisor to corporate leaders, yet also leads the implementation – often embedded in the client’s team.
FHC covers a broad spectrum of General Management issues: From Corporate Strategy, Digital Transformation, Restructuring, Sales/Marketing Activation to M&A Guidance. Handling “emergency missions to fix business issues” is another area where FHC is called in.


Strategy Re-alignment

  • Step 1 and crucial success factor needs to be the definition of a sound strategy – based on thorough analysis.
  • Facing tough challenges, today’s business Leaders should expect more than pseudo-academic Powerpoint charts.
  • The resulting strategic choices need to lead to an implementation plan that is effective and executable.
  • This approach applies to all areas of business
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From Strategy to Customer Journey

  • Following the defined corporate Strategy, we need to lay out a conceptual framework that guides all individual solutions.
  • Analysis of Target segments will lead to specific issues and benefit barriers and guide the definition of a core benefit – as platform for Campaign and content development.
  • Identifying and optimizing the specific customer journey will be key before engaging into executional development.
FHC: Chart zu From Strategy to Customer Journey

Digital Activation/Operational Excellence

  • We develop a synchronized system based on the defined Customer Journey.
  • Yet CAUTION, please: Strategic Clarity/Benefit Focus remain way more important than the ever increasing tech optimization options.
  • So – Let’s make sure to properly define strategic choices first!
FHC: Chart zu Digital Activation/Operational Excellence

Frank Hohmann

Portrait Frank Hohmann

Frank Hohmann
Global Executive, Advisor and Investor, 25+ years of experience

  • Career start with Procter & Gamble in Brand Management in Europe, after ESB European School of Business in Germany and UK
  • Managing Director Global Marketing, Wrigley, Chicago, USA
  • 5+ years operational Leadership in Automotive/Goodyear with cross-functional P/L responsibility ($ 1bn NS) and substantial restructuring experience
  • Led and fully executed the restructuring and M&A Deal of a German Digital Media Business that was ultimately sold to US Media Group within 18 months
  • Global citizen – lived and worked in 7 countries in Europe, the US and Asia
  • FHC Founder and Managing Director since 2003
FHC: CV Frank Hohmann


FHC works with an established Core Team (some members since 2003) as well as with a network of specialized service providers to ensure total quality implementation – even of complex projects. After initial focus on int’l Blue Chips, FHC increasingly supports SMEs in managing structural change – strategically, as well as operationally.
We will be happy to share specific references / i. e. personal recos by business owners of current or past customers.


Example 1
Restructuring & M&A Deal of Digital Media Group

  • FHC initiated and fully executed the acquisition, restructuring and subsequent divestiture of a Digital Media Business in Germany
  • Acquisition of 85% of the Media Group after thorough business analysis embedded in team. Asset split by selling off a non-strategic Service Unit with 18 employees
  • Assumed operational P/L responsibility for the core business: i.e. generation of editorial media content and Digital Media Sales.
  • Strategy Realignment: generation of substantial new Business, cooperation with Axel Springer, substantial improvement of P/L
  • Successful divestiture to US-based Media Group within 18 months after project start

Example 2
Digital Spin-Off/SME
Strategy Advisory & Growth Implementation

  • A show case of the full scope of FHC‘s capabilities: supporting a Digital Spin-off of a $ 4bn Manufacturing Company with 120 employees.
  • Sparring partner to CEO & Lead Teams for broad variety of General Management Issues
  • Realignment of the Company’s Strategy, definition of Company and Brand Positioning
  • Operational steering of Sales and Marketing – embedded in Central team with constant interaction with all country teams
  • Development of Go-to-Market Strategy and Sales Team structures in D, A, F, PL and CH
  • Structural development of Digital Marketing Capabilities incl. introduction of CRM, Salesforce, Analytics – Optimization of SEO, SEA, Social etc.
  • Development and implementation of successful product launches and campaigns (content and executions) leading to impressive growth of Active User Base.


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Frankfurt address:
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